Secret to TSU Success

The secret to #Tsuccess is having #active friends and followers and that is 100% true because it is friends and followers who #view your page.

1) Likes, comments and shares are all very important, but they do NOT pay you.

2) If someone likes your post then you are not getting paid for the like, but for the view that came with it on your post.

3) Your posts may be viewed without being liked or commented. A scroll-down is more than enough.

4) Your posts can be viewed by others, when these people are going through your profile or when they see your post on their home page. In other words, you get the view, when the #ad is right next to it.

Secret to TSU Success

5) So, when you open a post in a new tab or see a post by clicking on its url, link, then the ad is not there, so this post does NOT get the view.

6) When someone sees your post on a #hashtag list, then the post does NOT get the view

7) It is a #MYTH that you get paid for the shares.
If your post is being shared then you get the view of the person that shared your post, the views from the shared post, then go to the person who shared your content because it is viewed on their page.

8) You may not be getting paid by likes, comments and shares from others,
a) They show #activity on your page. Posts with many likes draw others' attention and they visit your profile to check on you, and they scroll down and view your posts.
b) Comments are real #engagement between users and they help build#relationships . 
c) Shares link people in your profile, so although you don't get views for your content on someone else's page you do get a link back to your profile so if someone sees one of your posts shared they will then more than likely visit you and then you are getting the views.

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