Top High PR 5 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Site List

Social Bookmark is a online tool. So, you can easily any topics and web pages share with your friends and other people because social bookmarks are online. Everyone can see easily and everyone else bookmarks what other people and friends are bookmarking. Other benefits of social bookmarking that businesses can take advantage of. Social bookmarking can be used by anyone especially to business information and your online business will grow. 
Social bookmarking

NoSocial Bookmarking SiteGoogle Page RankSubmit Type
1.http://www.ezyspot.com5Free Submit
2.http://www.poolia.biz5Free Submit
3.http://www.pusha.se5Free Submit
4.http://www.skitownbooks.com5Free Submit
5.http://www.buddymarks.com5Free Submit
6.http://www.dropjack.com5Free Submit
7.http://www.designmoo.com5Free Submit
8.http://www.fwisp.com5Free Submit
9.http://www.ilinking.org5Free Submit
10.http://www.netvouz.com5Free Submit
11.http://www.newsmeback.com5Free Submit
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13.http://www.shetoldme.com5Free Submit
14.http://www.youmob.com5Free Submit
15.http://www.givealink.org5Free Submit
16.http://www.yemle.com5Free Submit
17.http://www.grjm.net5Free Submit
18.http://www.wirefan.com5Free Submit
19.http://br.wwwhatsnew.com5Free Submit
20.http://www.myus.com5Free Submit
21.http://www.bizsugar.com5Free Submit
22.http://www.dotnetkicks.com5Free Submit
23.http://www.inbound.org5Free Submit
24.http://www.killerstartups.com5Free Submit
25.http://www.memotoo.com5Free Submit
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