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Hey everyone today I have come up with a very interesting article and this article will be really helpful for all of you as many of friends have asked me about How to submit website to Google and you guys are going to enjoy it. In this article I am going to show you Methods for submitting website to Google so that It can be indexed in Google. In this article I will also show you how you can index your website on Google within 2 minutes. I am going to show you guys three ways of submitting website to Google so let’s start. Before i tell you  first you should know how Google works & SEO Optimisation Techniques

submit blog to search engines

How does Google work?

Why I am telling you how Google works because it is important if you would know how does Google work then you can easily rank your article or index your website on Google by implementing those things which are used in working of Google there are three features which are used by Google crawling, indexing and serving result I will give you introduction to these the you could know what are these. submit blog to search engines

What is Crawling ?

“This is the process through which Google bot index new pages and updated page in Google” Google have a huge number of computers that are used in crawling billion of page this program is called Google bot and it is working on an algorithm that how often to crawl a site and how many pages to be index from a website. This process starts with a list of url provided by a crawler and these url are taken from sitemap provided by webmasters later on I will show you how to submit sitemap in this article. submit blog to search engines

What is Indexing ?

Google bot crawl each page provided to it for indexing it uses alt tags and title tags and later on it index the pages for serving results to users. 

Serving results

When a user search anything. Google try to provide the most relevant result to its user and this relevancy depends upon almost 200 factors One of those factor is PageRank if you PageRank is good your site will show in top of search results. If you want ranking of your website your website must be crawl and indexed in Google completely now here below in am providing three methods to submit your website to Google for crawling. submit blog to search engines

How to submit website to Google

Submitting url to Google
Submitting sitemap of website
Fetching your website in webmaster tools

Method 1 (submitting url to Google)

You can submit site to Google by submitting website url to Google this method is very simple and it can be done in very short period of time what you have to do is just go to and past your website url fill the captcha and submit request your website will be submitted to Google submit blog to search engines

Method 2 (submitting sitemap of website)

Sitemap is provided by a website owner to Google through webmaster tools for submitting a sitemap you must have a gmail account if you don’t have any gmail account create one that is very simple and then Google to there sign in using your gmail account now click on add website button.
Now enter your url of your website and verify you site by placing a meta tag in your header of template or by uploading a file in your cpanel it depends upon you. submit blog to search engines

submit blog to search engines

submit blog to search engines

submit blog to search engines

Now after verifying your website it’s time to submit a sitemap expand crawl option on right site in dashboard and click on sitemap submit blog to search engines

How to submit website to Google[/caption] There click add a sitemap and place you sitemap there you can use this sitemap generator for creating a sitemap here give your website like and total number of posts after that you will be provided a sitemap place that sitemap in the box and click submit If you are using WordPress you can submit a site map by using a plugin called Google xml sitemap after verifying the site in webmaster tools just active you plugin your sitemap will be submitted

Method 3 (Fetching your website in webmaster tools)

This method is the fastest method to submit site to Google by using this method you can index website on Google very fast you can say within two minutes because when you will submit your website Google bot will crawl it within two minutes Just log in to your webmaster tools and expand crawl option there click on fetch as Google there provide your url which you want to submit and click fetch
submit blog to search engines

Now click on submit and congratulation your website is submitted to Google you can past the url in Google search for conformation after two minutes. Please Comments About this post.

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