How To Do White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is SEO optimization effort is good and true and does not violate the TOS that has been set by the search engines. To all the bloggers who want to obtain good results in the SERP pages are advised to apply SEO techniques this one. 
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White hat SEO The main objective of raising page rank blogs to page one in the search engines. Indeed, this technique takes longer, but safer and friend can put their trust in Search Engines. Is not it great when your blog or site mate frequently visited by the Search Engines? Additionally, visitors will be crowded Blog and stable mate if my friend managed to optimize a page in search engines. The technique in use by a White hat SEO is very simple as long as diligent and have a desire to update the posting every day (not like this blog). 
Stringing words or writing on a blog is not easy as my friend imagined, but the search engine is very pleased with the original content. Here are some white hat SEO techniques, including: Content Optimization Blog Improving the quality of blogs by always presenting quality content and original. Optimization Keyword Doing the correct keyword optimization without manipulating the color and font size of the content with keyword density of no more than 3.5% or 5%. Optimization in Blog URL not make specific url redirect to another page when a visitor opens the link and of course strengthen seo optimization by entering keywords in the url blog.
 Doing link building Doing proper link bulding and not out of line like building link building naturally and not by way of buying quality backlinks from blogs that have high pagerank. Template or display In choose a template or the display also includes one White hat seo techniques that can be done, so choose the template that is SEO friendly and do not forget to set the CSS to streamline so be fast loading blog.
 Blog lightweight highly favored by search engines or search engine. To streamline CSS, my friend can use CSS minifier Meta Tag Set Meta Tag this is very helpful especially the title and description to note is the robot and the title just below the head in order to clear the content locator read all the markup code. Place the title as keywords and descriptions, it is better placed on the following elements:
Meta Description
Meta keywords
Heading to the element h1-h6
Alt tags which can be optimized in the picture
Title Tag
Links containing keywords
Directional information
Make content relevant and shows relevant information as well, that is if you want to sell a product then pasarkanlah sportive not make another keyword which is inserted into the content so that visitors also know the intent and purpose of the blog with appropriate products. Backlink Good Look good backlinks from sites that had high PageRank or have PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) high, also submit to directories and search DoFollow backlink sites are one way / in accordance with the content of your blog. Ping is regularly recommended to perform a Ping techniques regularly after publish new posts. But do not do too often because the Ping will be considered spam. If my friend made many posts in a day, enough to do Ping once. Promote Social Media Blog to Make It relies on Facebook and Twitter or other social media, to note when linking link must have the appropriate title with a discussion on the blog.

Techniques Black Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO  with black hat logo mascot is an optimization technique a blog to get the first position in the search engines, but by way of Illegal / fraudulent. Indeed, the effect of Black hat SEO is very fast can be seen the result but not the least affected blogs google sandbox or even getting banned for wearing these black hat techniques. These techniques attempt to try to trick the search engines. Can be used by means of the use of hidden text, keyword charging, the fake page, and others. 
  • Their goal is the same as White Hat SEO, namely to get the first rank in search engine results, but only for a short time. Therefore, Black Hat SEO is not a good technique to be practiced. If my friend running a business in the blog, I suggest not to use this technique, because it will cause a site's ranking in search engine decreases dramatically. Here are a few black hat techniques of SEO, including: Link Farming Link Farming is a technique of collecting links on one page of the blog or sites.
  •  That is on one page only lists links that are so easy to get hundreds or even thousands of links. Keyword Stuffing Keyword stuffing is the application of excessive keyword, where a blog page that contains a word that is repeated or unnatural. Text Not Visible Invisible text is a technique to hide keywords in the blog that words will not be visible by naked eye. You do this by matching the color of the background paper template. for example if white background template we then created the text color becomes white. 
  • The writing does not appear to be a way to block all pages with ctrl + a pointless way to select all the text is hidden. Another way is to look at the page source of the page. Repeat Title Repeat title means the content posting only contains a repetition of the title. Easy to do, for example posting title SEO techniques  then it is only a repetition of the title of the post is SEO techniques, no need to add another article, it is enough. Usually such technique is applicable to new keywords in google or emerging at google. A few reviews regarding Techniques White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, may broaden the bloggers. Thank you.
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